Corroboree 2020

Bundaberg 4WD Club


2 October 2020 - Friday
3 October 2020 - Saturday
4 October 2020 - Sunday
5 October 2020 - Monday

Code of Conduct

Conditions of Entry

To help make this weekend enjoyable for all, please read, understand and obey the following:


• Duty of Care
• Code of Ethics for Four Wheel Drivers
• Camping Politeness
• Minimum Requirements
• Trip Procedures
• Convoy Procedures
• Refund Policy
• Risk Assessment


Duty of Care

Notice to all members and visitors.


All members, visitors and their passengers are reminded that their attendance or participation in any trip or event is of their own choosing and that they accept full responsibility for their own actions and consequences.
At all times drivers must comply with the Queensland traffic laws, specific attention being given to those relating to drink driving, speeding and mobile phone use.
All persons (drivers, visitors and passengers) are reminded that they have a ‘Duty of Care’ to themselves as well as others and that they are to take all necessary reasonable steps to ensure their own safety and that of others at all times.
While the Bundaberg 4WD Club Inc attempts to conduct trips and events in the safest possible manner, there are many changing factors and unforeseen circumstances over which the Bundaberg 4WD Club Inc and its members have no control.
Members, visitors and passengers are the only persons who know their own capabilities and therefore are the only persons who know if they are capable of participating or continuing to participate in the trip or event. If these persons feel that they or their vehicle are incapable of participating or continuing to participate in the trip or event in a safe manner, then they need to withdraw at that time from that trip or event. If this happens, the person(s) must notify the Trip Leader or Official by radio or other means of communication of their intention to withdraw.
Convoy Rules and Trip Procedures are provided by the Bundaberg 4WD Club Inc for the safety and enjoyment of everyone on a trip or event. Your participation on any trip or event is conditional upon you and your passengers/visitors/guests or others accepting the condition of entry and therefore accepting the liability of your own actions at all times.
Please remember that any event or trip is much more enjoyable when each of us takes care of ourselves and considers the safety of others.


Code of Ethics for Four Wheel Drivers

• Obey the laws and regulations for Recreational Vehicles that apply to public lands.
• Respect the cultural, heritage and environmental values of public and private lands by obeying all restrictions that may apply.
• Respect our flora and fauna. Stop, look and take a photo but never disturb.
• Keep to formed vehicle tracks. Do not drive ‘Off Road’.
• Keep the environment clean. Carry your own and any other rubbish out.
• Keep your vehicle mechanically sound and clean to reduce the environmental impact.
• Adopt minimal impact camping and driving practices.
• Seek permission before driving on private land. Do not disturb livestock or watering points, leave gates as found.
• Take adequate water, food, fuel, basic spares and a first aid kit on trips.
• Enjoy your recreation and respect the rights of others.
• Plan ahead and lodge trip details with a responsible person.
• Support 4WD touring as a responsible and legitimate family recreational activity. Consider joining an affiliated 4WD Club.
This code supports the national recreational vehicle policy and is valuable only if you observe it.


Weekend / Camping Courtesy’s

Pets are not permitted.
• For ease of recycling please only bring cans or plastic bottles. ie no stubbies.
• Please drive at walking pace around camp grounds and be aware of children.
• Place all bagged rubbish into the bins provided.
• No smoking in the Undercover Areas or Buildings.
• Smokers, Please be considerate of others and dispose of butts thoughtfully.
• Please turn off generators between 10pm and 6am.
• Please keep noise to a minimum after 10:30pm for the comfort of nearby campers.
• Everyone is responsible for the security of their own property.
• Showgrounds facilities of showers and toilets are able to be used, but are limited, please please aim to the self sufficient.
• All toilets provided are not to be used to empty Porto Loos, please use dump point near the caravan park in town.
• In the event of any accident or emergency, contact the Trip Leader or Registration Area or Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Inc Administration immediately or call 000 if needed.
• Enclosed footwear MUST be worn on ALL trips.


Minimum Requirements

All drivers must have a valid driver’s license. All vehicles shall have at least Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance and must carry the minimum recovery equipment (A Suitable Snatch/Recovery Strap, Rated Shackle and dampening device) and must be fitted with approved recovery points to the front and rear and also be in roadworthy condition. Each vehicle should also carry a First Aid Kit and UHF Radio.


Trip Procedures

• The Trip Leader will appoint a Tail End Charlie before departure and will test radio communications with the Tail End Charlie and other trip participants.
• All participants shall abide by the directions and instructions of the Trip Leader or Tail End Charlie and observe road rules at all times.
• All participants must follow convoy procedures as stated below.
• In a recovery situation the Trip Leader or appointed safety officer will take charge of the situation.
• Drivers are responsible for the behaviour of their passengers.


Convoy Procedures

Convoy procedures become relevant when the convoy moves off from the starting point till the trip participants return to the camp grounds.
• Observe road rules at all times.
• The Trip Leader should not be overtaken by any of the convoy except in an emergency situation.
• Vehicles in convoy should travel a safe distance apart with greatest consideration to other vehicles that aren’t in the convoy.
• Each vehicle in front is responsible for the vehicle behind them at all times. If there is not a vehicle in sight, please wait.
• Always wait at an intersection to ensure that the vehicle following has identified the correct route to be taken.
• Always keep the vehicle behind in sight.
• When ascending or descending steep inclines, wait at the top or bottom, until the preceding vehicle has advise it has cleared the obstacle and it is safe to follow.
• No vehicle is to leave the convoy, unless the Trip Leader has been notified. Vehicles wishing to stop must advise the Trip Leader.
• All gates are to be left as found. Second vehicle in convoy is responsible for opening and closing of gates and then return to convoy in front of Tail End Charlie, if there is sufficient area to do so. (Lollies or other healthy option may be offered to the gate opener)


Refund Policy

Camping refunds will be available if the following conditions are met:

  • The weekend is cancelled due to circumstances out of control of Bundaberg 4WD Club Inc and its organizers or
  • Participants advise the Bundaberg 4WD Club Inc by 5pm 20th September 2020 that they are no longer able to attend the weekend. After this time no refunds of camping fees will be made.

Camping spots are not transferable to other members of your club, we have a waiting list of people wishing to attend who will be offered any spots that become vacant.  Anyone who shows up to the event that is not on our list of paid participants will turned away at the gate.

Shirt Orders – refunds will not be available once the shirt order has been sent to the supplier and paid for.

Raffle Tickets – refunds will be available until tickets have been assigned to the purchaser.


Risk Assessments

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